Purple Iris Video

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This is a painting of purple iris growing in a garden. When I take photos of naturally growing flowers, I try to take several with the sun in the same spot so that I can merge the photos to make an arrangement. This photo uses pieces of several shots.

During this class you will learn how to paint in dark backgrounds in watercolor and integrate the objects into the background to prevent that "cookie cutter" look.

****I use a white muffin tin to mix my background puddles. You can use a few small bowls. The muffin tins are found in Michaels, Cheap Joes and other art suppliers.

Once you begin to stream, you will have 7 days to view this video.

The original painting in the video is approximate 11x14 or 14x14 Download the Reference Photo, Finished Painting Photo, and Supply List to your computer.

You will receive an email with a link to your purchase. When you want to view the video, go to that email and click the link. The video will be available for 7 days.